Blog Bloopers

I am so pumped for the long weekend! I’m lucky enough to get Monday as a company holiday so I’m officially done-zo with work for a whole four days. Yasss. Can’t wait for a weekend full of drinks, sun, drinks, friends, drinks, relaxing, drinks, and drinks. What better way to start off the weekend than […]

Five Ways to Wear a Button Up

You know that one item of clothing you own that you only wear one way with the same head-to-toe accessories and outfit every time? Today I’m inspiring you to find creative ways to re-wear your clothes and make multiple outfits from one key piece! The spotlight piece for today’s post is a lovely ombre button up […]

10 Fun Facts About Me

If you’ve read my Meet Jenn page, you already know a couple things about me. You know I live in Milwaukee, can’t wear stilettos, love traveling the world, and never pass up french fries. But if you’re going to continue following Honeydew, I’d love to share more about the girl behind the blog posts! Today, […]

Blog Bloopers

Hello, friends! If you’ve been following my instagram stories or snapchat stories, you’ve been seeing that I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Traveling for work is a nice perk, but it definitely gets exhausting. I was in Austin two weeks ago, New York last weekend, and I’m headed to San Francisco and Minneapolis next week!  Geez Louise. Needless […]