10 Fun Facts About Me

If you’ve read my Meet Jenn page, you already know a couple things about me. You know I live in Milwaukee, can’t wear stilettos, love traveling the world, and never pass up french fries. But if you’re going to continue following Honeydew, I’d love to share more about the girl behind the blog posts! Today, […]

Blog Bloopers

Hello, friends! If you’ve been following my instagram stories or snapchat stories, you’ve been seeing that I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Traveling for work is a nice perk, but it definitely gets exhausting. I was in Austin two weeks ago, New York last weekend, and I’m headed to San Francisco and Minneapolis next week!  Geez Louise. Needless […]

Seeing the Best in Others

When I was writing my latest blog post about positivity, I had originally written “seeing the best in others” as one of my main headings. But as I continued writing, this particular section kept getting longer and longer – to the point where it was becoming disproportionately long compared to the others. As I tried […]

Maintaining Positivity

It can be hard staying positive with all the negativity that surrounds us. I can’t scroll through my Facebook newsfeed without seeing people bash each other for differing political beliefs.  I can’t drive to work without someone cutting me off in traffic.  And I can’t even watch late night TV without PETA  showing me abused, […]

Vacation Style on a Budget

vacation style outfit

Hello lovelies! Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite outfits from my recent vacation to Vietnam and Thailand! Although…I just realized that all of the outfits I’m showing are from Thailand and none of the photos were taken in Vietnam. It was quite chilly and rainy most days in Vietnam and I didn’t really pack any warm […]

Lessons from Life After College

Ahhh college….those were the days…four carefree years of discovering yourself. It’s a life of semi-independence (I can’t be the only one who’d go home and raid my parents’ pantry), where you’re poor but okay with it (and signing up for student orgs just for free food), while studying hard to prepare yourself for your future […]

Blog Bloopers

This is no April Fool’s joke. I am in fact, uploading photography mistakes, unflattering pictures, and blog fails for you all to laugh at me. My boyfriend, Kevin (or indentured blog servant, as he calls himself) and I are still brand new to blogging and photography and I figure we might as well laugh at […]