Back to Basics

Honey I’m hoommmmeeee! After 30 hours of painstakingly long travel, I am finally back home in Milwaukee. Phew! As nice as vacations are, there is truly nothing more comforting than taking a dump in your own home (yeah, you heard me) and sprawling out in your own bed after a long stint away. I’m currently […]

Bon Voyage!

Peace out, nasty Wisconsin weather! Tomorrow I’m going to be headed to Vietnam, then to Thailand! Kevin and I booked this trip back in September and it’s crazy how fast time has flown by. I’m still kind of in shock that we’re leaving tomorrow. I think part of the reason why our departure date came […]

Booties Rockin’ Everywhere

Booties, booties, booties, booties rockin’ everywhere Booties, booties, booties, booties rockin’ everywhere Booties, booties, booties, booties rockin’ everywhere Rockin’ everywhere, rockin’ everywhere I found you, my new booties. Pair them together and lace em’ up too please… Guys. I’ve been singing this song in my head for a week now because I’ve been so excited to […]

Blog Bloopers

It’s that time of the month! No, not the time of the month where I’m bloated, crabby, and have unexplainable cravings for chocolate…it’s BLOOPER TIME! In case you haven’t read my first bloopers post, let me quickly explain what you’re about to get yourself into. You are about to gain access to never-before-seen photography gaffs and […]

The Herringbone Vest

The short-lived days of 70 degree February in Milwaukee are over. This means it’s time to put the crop top on hold and bring out the vests again! This herringbone vest from J. Crew Factory is one of my favorite staples for fall/winter/spring. I was OBSESSED with the vest when I first saw it online over […]

Body Peace and the Power of Image

Image is powerful. Image is superficial. Yet, image is what defines our standards of beauty. We’re surrounded by aspirational images of beautiful people with beautiful body proportions (many of which are photoshopped) wearing beautiful things, and it forces us to give ourselves certain expectations of how we should look. But these expectations are unrealistic and a […]

Launch Day!

  Eek!! If you’re reading this, it means it’s blog launch day. And that means I’m nervously watching how many people are on my site in real time, and I’m freaking out hoping none of my links are broken, and I’m wondering if my genuine voice is coming across in my posts, and I’m praying people […]

Wintery Whites

Who says you can’t wear white denim in winter? Not me! White is one of my favorite colors to wear, so nobody’s going to stop me from wearing it when the days start getting shorter. Plus, it serves as good camouflage among the snow. Because you know, gotta hide from Trump these days. The crispness […]

Happy U-Day

  No, that’s not a typo in the title. I didn’t mean V-Day. I meant U-Day. On a holiday filled with candy hearts, flowers, and extravagant romantic gestures, it’s hard not to get swept up in the craze of Valentine’s Day. Sure, the day has become somewhat materialistic and commercialized, but the intentions behind spreading […]