What’s in a Name?

You might have assumed I named my blog after honeydew because I love the fruit so much. Surprise! I actually don’t like honeydew very much. I feel like it’s always in the classic cheap fruit salad and I usually end up picking out all the blueberries and grapes, leaving most of the honeydew uneaten. (But LBH, the biggest loser of cheap fruit salads is cantaloupe for sure. No offense to cantaloupe lovers.)

My blog name, Honeydew, is actually an ode to the endearing nickname my dad had for me growing up. I have fond memories of my dad calling for me by hollering, “hun-EE-doo” in a sing song voice. He said the name in such a silly way that I always imagined it to be spelled, honeydoo, rather than the actual fruit. And I think he did too. The name stuck and my dad started casually inserting the name into everyday conversation like, “Hey, honeydoo, can you take out the trash?” Funny thing is, my dad never meant to nickname me after a fruit. When I first told him I was starting a blog and that the blog name would be Honeydew, he gave me a funny look. “No, that’s not good name,” he said, genuinely concerned.

“Why? You always call me Honeydew. I’m naming my blog after your nickname for me.”

“But is that even a word?”

“Yes, Dad. It’s a fruit.”

I should clarify that English is not my dad’s first language. He always refers to my blog as a “blob” and it always makes me giggle.

And that’s how my blog came to be the name of an fruit I don’t even like that much. The story behind the name is one I hold close to my heart, as is the personal nature of the writing you will find within my blog.

I hope to bring you, a reader of Honeydew, some laughs, inspiration, and reflection into your everyday lives, just as Honeydew has already brought to me.

P.S. If you’re curious about the story behind why I started a blog, read my First Blog Post Ever. 

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8 Replies to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Love the background story! But I just want to say that honeydew is the most underrated fruit, and everybody hates on it. Stay strong honeydew.

  2. Your story is sweet as Honeydew. I think it’s cute. Good Luck!

  3. What a sweet story and cute name! I love it! Good Luck honeydew!

  4. What a cute and special story!

  5. You are adorable!

  6. Jordan Cockeram says: Reply

    I love that story, I had no idea where it came from! So cute

  7. You’ve done such an amazing job on your blob (hehe), Jenn! <3 I love the "down to earth" feel of it, and you're a fantastic writer. I felt like you were telling me your story while I read this, not that I was simply reading a post on the Internet. I look forward to reading/seeing more! 🙂

    1. Ahh thanks, Brooke! Means a lot. <3

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