A Shortie and Her Thigh High Boots

I’ve been short all my life. Growing up, I was always the shortest kid in class. News flash! I’m a full fledged adult now and I’m still craning my neck to make eye contact with the average person. My doctor tells me I’m 5’1.5″ but let’s round up and say I’m 5’2″.

There’s no denying that thigh high, over-the-knee boots have become a big trend. Add them to any outfit and they can give off a seriously sexy vibe. As over the knee boots crept into my daily Pinterest feeds, I yearned to own a pair. I stared at beautiful slender, long-legged women wearing them on Pinterest for days.

I was pretty sure though, that my stumpy legs would look absolutely ridiculous in a pair of OTK boots.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my thick, muscular, short, legs. But if I like the way something looks on a model online, I’ve been trained to mentally alter the way it would look on someone of my size. Does the skirt hit right below the knees on the model? It’s going to be right below my calves. Do those boots make her long, thin legs look amazing? It will probably make my legs look chunky and frumpy. I was convinced I could not pull off thigh high boots.

I finally gave in when I saw a beautiful pair of Catherine Malandrino boots while shopping online at Nordstrom Rack. (Have I mentioned I have an online shopping problem?) They’re almost an exact copy of the Stuart Weitzman ones that the celebs and high end fashion bloggers wear. I figured I’d just return them after I tried them on and laughed at how dumb I looked in them. But at least I would know for sure they didn’t work on me.

When they arrived, I tried them on and….wait what?

They looked pretty good. Actually, real good. Okay, I love these boots. I do have to admit that it takes the right outfit to make them work – you can’t pair them with everything. I tried on a couple of short dresses that still hung over the tops of the boots and made me look like I was drowning in my clothes. I will admit that I purposely scrunched down the boots so they weren’t quite as high on my thighs so I could show a bit more leg. It looks better when there’s some room between the tops of the boots and the bottom of a skirt or tunic.

I played dress up for a while, experimenting with different outfits that work with the boots. I can guarantee they will be making an appearance in future blog posts.  In fact, I ended up loving these boots so much I bought the exact same pair in gray too!

Moral of the story: don’t assume a fashion trend won’t work on your body type, just because you look different from the model who’s wearing it!  You never know until you try. My boots definitely look different on me than they do on the tall models, but they work in their own way.

P.S. The pictures in this blog post are from my first blog photo shoot ever! I was on vacation in Florida with my boyfriend and photographer, Kevin. Aside from taking iphone pictures of my friends and me, (to which I end up yelling at him for cropping out our shoes), Kevin has no photography experience. I can’t tell!  Can you?!

topShein (similar, similar, similar)
skirt – Abercrombie – sold out (similar, similar, similar)
purse – Big Buddha
bootsCatherine Malandrino (same)
sunglassesO by Oscar de la Renta



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3 Replies to “A Shortie and Her Thigh High Boots”

  1. I LOVE THIS! Literally purchased the boots right after reading this post. It’s SUCH a good deal. I’m terrible at finding great deals on trending items, but now I can just rely on your blog posts :).

    1. YAY! I love these boots. You’ll pull them off so well. 🙂

  2. You sure know how to pull off the boots! Looking great!

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