Southwest Road Trip Part One

I live to travel.  I’ve been all around the world, but there are still a lot of places within the United States I haven’t seen. The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas were two places left unchecked on my bucket list. When I had a work trip scheduled in Scottsdale, Arizona I took advantage of the location and extended my trip so I could go road tripping through the Grand Canyon and Vegas with my boyfriend, Kevin!

First, let’s start off with Scottsdale. My work conference took place at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort and Spa . If you’re ever looking for a resort in Scottsdale, I highly recommend it! Immediately upon arriving, you can smell the flowers and sunshine (yes, sunshine has a scent here). After checking in, busboys drive you and your luggage in a golf cart to your own “casita”…aka your private luxury tiny home. The entire resort is perfectly picturesque and the landscaping is pristine. If palm trees and cactuses make you happy, this is your heaven.


The pool has a breathtaking view of the mountains and landscape. When I wasn’t in meetings, I brought my laptop here to answer emails – not a bad work day.

Located at the base of Mummy mountain, the resort also has an old west themed events area. During the day when there are no events being held there, it’s a fun little trail that people walk around. Kevin and I had some fun taking pictures there!

Side note: the Toms booties I’m wearing are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever owned. Walking in heels on gravel? Psh…piece of cake with these babies. I can’t find them in black anymore, but the ones I’m wearing are actually an older, discontinued leather version of these. You can find the rest of the outfit details at the bottom.

Best of all, the resort is located just minutes away from the Camelback Mountain hiking trails. If you love hiking, you NEED to make the trek up Camelback Mountain. There are two trails up Camelback – Echo Canyon and Cholla. Echo Canyon is slightly shorter (2.4 miles roundtrip), but steeper. Cholla is slightly longer (2.8 miles round trip) but flatter.  I’ve hiked both in their entirety and they are both equally tough trails.

Before you leave, make sure to pack water and bring a backpack. You’ll need your hands free to keep yourself steady. You’re practically rock climbing at some points along the mountain! My butt was definitely sore the next day after climbing nature’s stair master.

Scottsdale was fun, but after long days of meeting with vendors at the conference, I was ready for the real vacation to start. The morning after the conference was over, Kevin and I took off in our car rental and made for Sedona and the Grand Canyon!

Read about the rest of our trip in Southwest Road Trip Part 2.

top: Shein (similar, similar)
shorts: Gap – sold out (similar)
jacket: Mossimo – sold out (similar, similar)
booties: Toms – (similar, similar)

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