This Month’s Bloopers

One thing that’s really important to my blog is portraying the real me. Too often we’re shrouded by aspirational images of people who look amazing all. the. time. I’m here to prove to you that it’s simply unrealistic to have that expectation.

Yes, I’m going to put the best photos of me on my blog post. And yes, I get a little giddy when my stomach looks flatter or my legs look longer simply from changing up the camera angles. I’m human. What you don’t realize though, is that I’m taking probably over 100 photos in each photo session and I’m only showing you the five best. So what about the other 95?

I’m excited to introduce a monthly series of blog posts that will show you that I’m far from flawless. I’ll be including the best photography gaffs and moments of candidness in these monthly displays of  blunders – double chins, awkward poses, blurry closeups and all. And they’re all unedited.

I now present to you…(drumroll please)…this month’s bloopers.

Photos taken from What’s in a Name? 

I was born ready.


Thanks, Dad.

Double chin, melon boobies combo for the win

“Make the melon look like my smile!” I said.
“You have to smile underneath or you’ll just look creepy,” he said. He was right.

Photos taken from A Shortie and her Thigh High Boots

Occasionally a little voice inside me tells me to dance awkwardly in front of the camera.

Foreheads are overrated anyway.

Photos taken from Southwest Road Trip Part One

“Get the cactus in the shot!” I said. Well, he did what I told him to.

Errr…let’s move on.

Why yes, I was in fact going for an awkward backward lean as I squint into the bright, bright sun.

Upon first glance, this picture doesn’t seem so bad right? Let’s zoom in….


New LinkedIn headshot?

Me trying to do a sexy hair flip which turned into a penguin dance

I can’t open my eyes. The sun is too bright. I’m not happy about it.

Still can’t open my eyes. Sun still too bright. Still not happy about it.


Also do I have two differently shaped nostrils?

Photos taken from Southwest Road Trip Part Two

Trying to look like I’m falling without actually falling


We could NOT stop laughing at how incredibly photoshopped we look in these two pictures. ↓↑ I promise we’re not in front of a green screen.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for next month’s bloopers. Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed creating, uploading, and captioning them!

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10 Replies to “This Month’s Bloopers”

  1. You must have an excellent photographer to get bloopers like these!

  2. Brittany Astrup says: Reply

    Lolzzzing 😂🤣😂🤣 love this & looking forward to more

    1. THANKS, BA! I think the bloopers are going to be my favorite part of this blog hahaha!

  3. Good job both of you.

  4. Love the real bloopers section!!!

  5. Tiffany Albrecht says: Reply

    Penguin dancing for the win!!! Love the bloopers – unique and candid

  6. The lets zoom in picture.. I’m dying!!

  7. I LOVE these!!! It’s so nice to know that even people who take great photos like you go through the same pains that the rest of us do!

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