Wintery Whites

Who says you can’t wear white denim in winter? Not me! White is one of my favorite colors to wear, so nobody’s going to stop me from wearing it when the days start getting shorter. Plus, it serves as good camouflage among the snow. Because you know, gotta hide from Trump these days.

The crispness and cleanliness of white can be an instant mood lifter in the dreariness of the winter. Sure, there are rules. For instance, summer whites (think lace dresses, crochet tops, eyelet blouses) are a no-go at this time of year. But there are definitely ways to make white work in the cold! It’s all about mixing colors, layers, and textures.

For this outfit, I paired whites and greys together for a bright, wintery look.  I alternated the two from head to toe, starting with a white hat on top. Moving down the line, I’m wearing a grey and white plaid cardigan,  white denim, and grey booties. White, Grey, White, Grey.

I’d like to add that I’m INLOVE with every piece I’m wearing today.

Let’s start with how much I love my hat. First of all, faux fur pom? Yes please. So cute. Second, there’s a layer of fleece lining on the inside that makes this hat super functional and warm.

Guys, this is the coziest cardigan I’ve ever owned. It’s made of a thick wool-like material (but softer than wool) and I love that it’s oversized.

Oh baby, these Toms booties win the award for the best stylish/comfy combo. I think there’s some sort of memory foam lining on the insole so that every time I take a step, my foot sinks every so slightly into a squishy bed of amazingness. Seriously. They rock.

So go forth my fellow comrades, and brave the winter with whites! (Speaking in a non-racial manner of course.)

hat: Kohl’s – sold out in white (similar, similar)
cardigan: Banana Republic Factory
top: Abercrombie – sold out (similar, similar)
jeans: Gap
booties: Toms (same)




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3 Replies to “Wintery Whites”

  1. Congrats on your blog. I am thinking of blogging myself. I hope all works out well for you! Love the outfits!

    1. Thanks, Ciara! Let me know if you end up starting a one – I’d love to be one of your first followers 🙂

  2. “Gotta hide from Trump” LOL 😆 Thanks for that laugh today!

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