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It’s that time of the month! No, not the time of the month where I’m bloated, crabby, and have unexplainable cravings for chocolate…it’s BLOOPER TIME!

In case you haven’t read my first bloopers post, let me quickly explain what you’re about to get yourself into. You are about to gain access to never-before-seen photography gaffs and unflattering moments that didn’t make it to my blog posts. These bloopers are going to be a monthly series and are undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of my blog so far.

While I do hope these goofy, un-edited, self-deprecating pictures make you giggle, there’s also a deeper meaning behind them. I hope you’ll read about it in my first bloopers post here.

Without further ado, please enjoy February’s bloopers.

Photos taken for Fringe Fun

I call this face…the ape scowl

Completely unintentional but totally awesome.


Sometimes I just get a little caught off guard.

Photos taken from Happy U-Day

To be fair, I had to take all these photos by myself with a tripod because Kevin was gone…

Fakest. Smile. Ever. So fake that my left eye is twitching.

Tried to hug myself, but now it just looks like I’m fake smiling through a stomach ache

Photos taken from Wintery Whites

When you’ve got an itch, you gotta itch

Maybe they’ll look bigger if I push them out like this….?

‘Bout to pull out my guns Tomb Raider style

Photos taken from  Launch Day 

Zombie #1

Zombie #2

I need to stop trying to make hair flips work.

Photos taken from Body Peace and the Power of Image


This is the monster I turn into when Kevin and I disagree on creative direction.

“You look like a maniac,” said Kevin. Thanks, Kevin.

If you’ve ever seen Witches (the childhood movie that scarred me for life), this reminds me of the Grand High Witch turning into the nasty rat.

Photos taken from The Herringbone Vest

Literally motioning at Kevin to come up higher because he was using the double chin angle.

Double whammy – flattering angle AND dashing smile

Sometimes it hurts to smile, ya know?

Stop trying to make hair flips work, Jenn!

Fierce. So fierce.

More fierceness. Side note – I’m trying to recreate this face in the mirror right now and I’m not sure how I did it.

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6 Replies to “Blog Bloopers”

  1. Brittany Astrup says: Reply

    Girl, you have me laughing out loud to myself right now. 😂 Never stop doing this ❤

  2. The zombie look is excellent 😀

  3. I don’t know where you come up with some of these captions but I love it!

  4. Jessica Cockeram says: Reply


  5. I love this series haha! Such a fun post, loving it!


  6. HAHAHHA this is adorable!!! I love this… keep doing it!!

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