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Hello lovelies! Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite outfits from my recent vacation to Vietnam and Thailand! Although…I just realized that all of the outfits I’m showing are from Thailand and none of the photos were taken in Vietnam. It was quite chilly and rainy most days in Vietnam and I didn’t really pack any warm clothes.  I basically wore my one pair of leggings and plain tee almost every day in Vietnam. Woops!

It’s spring vacation season and I know a lot of you are jetting off to fun places.  I’d love to give you some vacation style inspo before you go! Even if you’re not going on vacation any time soon, summer is just around the corner! (Though maybe a litttttle further around the corner here in Wisconsin.)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on instagram or other bloggers’ sites and fallen in love with all their outfits only to find out that each item was $100+. Whoa. Cue the flies flying out of my wallet.

The best part of today’s fashion post is that everything is under $40! Vacations are expensive enough without having to buy expensive clothes. If you’ve read my “Meet Jenn” page, you know that I’m a budget shopper and an occasional splurge-er. (I love making up words.) You won’t find any big splurges on the blog today though! So click through the links and shop without worrying that you’ll fall in love with a $100 dress that you can’t afford.

If you don’t feel like reading through all my blabbering about all the stuff I’m wearing, feel free to scroll to the bottom of each outfit where you can find a summary of all the product links.

The Tassel Dress

Yay for tassels! Fringe and tassels are some of my favorite fashion trends. This black tassel dress from Shein is super soft, flowy, comfortable. This is the type of dress I wear when I know I’m about to eat a s*** ton. It hides a food baby quite well and doesn’t have any restrictions on the waist. All you-can-eat Thai food here I come!

This dress is a tad low-cut on me. I think I need to shorten the straps a bit for the best fit. I often had to look down to make sure my sticky boobs weren’t showing! (Sorry if I confused you. I just realized I may be the only one that calls a backless, stick-on bra, “sticky boobs.” Warning: I’m going to keep calling them sticky boobs.)

These sticky boobs are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. They have an adhesive in the cups that stick directly to your skin and they clip in the front for some push-up action….or I guess technically it’s push-together action. They are SO useful for backless or low cut tops and dresses. I’ve owned mine for about three years and the adhesive has stayed super sticky! I’d say the only downside is that they don’t let the ladies breathe. As a result, they’re not the best for sweaty occasions. When I took them off after a night of dancing, the adhesive was filled with little beads of sweat. Lovely.

Back to the dress…the arm holes of the dress dip quite low so if you’re wearing a standard bra, it will likely show under the arms. To solve this, I used sticky boobs!

These lace-up espadrilles are a perfect spring/summer sandal. It looks like they may be out of stock in black, but I love the green, yellow, and coral colors too! Here is a super similar style available in black from Kohl’s.

I also can’t say enough great things about these Baublebar beaded tassel earrings. The ones I’m wearing are actually from two years ago, but with the new Sugarfix by Baublebar collaboration at Target, you can get practically the same ones for half the price I paid!

Text pic
dress: Shein (grey, camel)
sandals: Forever 21 (similar)
earrings: Baublebar sold out (similar, similar)
sunnies: O by Oscar de La Rentasold out (similar)
underneath: Aerie


The Flirty Canary Dress

The off-the-shoulder trend is all the rage and I love it. Pair it with some pretty ruffles, a halter tie, and a light canary color and you get this $25 dress. If you look at this dress online, it looks like a super bright yellow. In person, the yellow is much more muted – it’s pastel yellow.

Caution! This dress is transparent enough to show the color of your underwear. Invest in some nude undies… or just don’t wear any…like me! hehehehe

I love a dress that can twirl! To go with the flirty vibe of the dress, I completed the look with some cute bow sandals. These fit true to size, are super versatile, and go with basically any spring/summer outfit. The sandals I’m wearing here are silver, but they’re also available in gold!

Text pic
dress: Forever21
sandals: Dolce by Mojo Moxy
earrings:  Charming Charlie (similar)
sunnies: O by Oscar de La Rentasold out (similar)

The Lace Bikini

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen me post this swimsuit multiple times already. I. am. obsessed. You may be surprised to learn from which store I purchased it! You know that teen brand that was all the rage back in middle school? Yes, Hollister  – sister brand of Abercrombie. Those seagull and moose logos still bring back nostalgic memories of trying to fit in at a time when wearing leg warmers with denim mini skirts was cool.

There’s no seagull or Hollister branding plastered on this swimsuit though, so it will be our little secret! Actually, most of Hollister’s clothes no longer show the seagull logo or loud Hollister branding which were so iconic during the height of its popularity. I have to admit that I started shopping regularly at Hollister again in the last recent years after they re-branded their stores and their merchandise. People ask me all the time where I got my clothes when I’m wearing Hollister. No shame.

vacation style

Like I said about the flirty canary dress, I am in love with the off-the-shoulder trend and this swimsuit is no exception!  The lace detailing is what drew me to the bikini in the first place. I love that it surrounds the entire bandeau swim suit. By the way, this bikini is also available in black!

Another great quality of this bikini is that it doesn’t fall down. There’s a bandeau layer that wraps around the torso, then another layer of the lace that wraps around the arms. The lace layer totally keeps the swim suit up without feeling too tight on my arms! I swam in it without ever having to pull it up. This is super impressive when you consider that I don’t have much on my chest to hold it up! #flatchestproblems

The bottoms have the same lace detailing found in the top. They have just enough cheekiness to avoid the pancake butt effect, but enough to still be modest.

I found that the fit is relatively true to size. I’m wearing a S on top and an XS on bottom. I ordered this set in both a S and XS to try them on and see which fit better. While the XS top was a bit too tight, I probably could have made the S bottoms work. I ended up keeping the XS bottoms because I like my bottoms to fit a bit tighter to avoid the fabric from becoming saggy when wet. Also I feel like all swim suits bottoms stretch out a bit over time!

Real talk – I’m going to admit that this swimsuit is a bit of a splurge for me at $34.95 for the top and $24.95 for the bottom. I’m used to buying swim sets at Target for $30 total. BUT I’m so happy with the quality of the suit and I’ve worn it so many times already that I definitely think the cost was justified. If you feel like $60 is too much to spend on a swim suit, just buy the top and skip the bottoms for now. The top can be easily paired with a patterned or colored bottoms that you already own!

This bikini top was perfect to wear casually around the resort while I was on vacation in Thailand. You can’t really tell it’s a swimsuit if you wear it with pants or shorts. The floral print pants are the epitome of vacation style and guess what? They’re pajama pants!JACKPOT. Who doesn’t want to wear PJs in public?  I came across these pants while browsing Target and immediately thought they would make the perfect resort/beach pants.

Because of the wide-leg fit and the thin fabric, these pants are super airy and great for vacation weather where you don’t want to overheat!

The yellow draw strings have little tassels on the end too – the details are perfect. If you shop these pants online, they definitely look pinker in the pictures than they do in person. I’d say my photos here show a truer version of the color, which is more of a fuschia with purple tones.


Text pic
bikini top: Hollister (also in black)
bikini bottom: Hollister (also in black)
pants: Gilligan & O’Malley (similar, similar)
sandals: Dolce by Mojo Moxy

The Palm Print Bikini

Again, this bikini has been all over my instagram and it was featured in my travel post about Thailand, but I love it so much and it’s so ridiculously affordable that I had to share it with you again! Can’t resist a $14 bikini!

This swimsuit comes as a set, so you’ll have to buy the same size in the top and bottom. If you’re someone who usually has to mix and match sizes, this bikini may not be for you. Although, even if you bought two separate sets in two sizes, you’d still only be paying $22! What a steal.

Warning: these are some cheeky bottoms! I’ve never purchased a swimsuit that reveals so much booty as this one. But after wearing the bikini around in Thailand, I’ve decided I love them! Plus I didn’t ever feel self conscious wearing them in Thailand because the beaches were full of Europeans wearing little bitty thong swim bottoms and tanning topless. We’ll see how I feel when I’m wearing them on the Wisconsin beaches this summer.

I also love the unique racerback tie on the back of this bikini top! The only thing I don’t love about this swim suit is that the ties in the back are awkwardly long. They hang down past my butt. Might have to cut them!

This suit fits true to size. I’m wearing a small here and it fits perfectly. If you’re in between sizes, I’d recommend sizing down. The small wasn’t particularly tight on me.

Text picbikini set: Shein

I hope you guys enjoyed my round up of budget-friendly vacation outfits! I can’t wait until it’s warm in Wisconsin so I can wear dresses and sandals on the daily. Anyone going on vacation any time soon? Let me live vicariously through you!

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  1. Such cute vacation outfits! I love it!

  2. Jenn, you look SO cute in that dress!! I love the tassels and would get so much wear out of it! You can’t beat those prices either 🙂 Have a fun trip!!

  3. These are all so so cute. I am TOTALLY obsessed with the black tassel dress and those SHOES!! omg. But I love all of these outfits. I also hate when the weather is different that what I expect and I have to wear the same outfit or same piece over and over haha. That has definitely happened to me before, too. Adorable!

    1. Haha thanks, Allie! You’re the BEST. That black tassel dress is my fave. So comfy!

  4. I love all of these outfits! I was in tears from laughing so hard about the “Sticky Boobs!” lol 😂 I’m definitely getting the Lace Bikini for my summer vacation, though!

    1. Haha I’m really not sure what prompted me to start calling them that! But I refuse to call them anything else. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  5. So cute! I literally would’ve worn every single outfit. They are all so cute. I especially loved the bathing suit and how it looked w/ the high waisted flowy pants. vacay style should be more fun than everyday and you captured it perfectly xx

  6. I love the adorable pom pom dress, so cute!!


  7. Such pretty, but affordable pieces! Great post!!!

  8. BTW love all your outfits and the bathing suits are really cute. I like how tropical everything was so perfect for summer coming up.

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait for summer to wear “vacation style” every day! 🙂

  9. love the tassel dress and bathing suits!! super cute!

  10. I love the first tassel dress and the bathing suits!! Amazing that almost everything is under $40! Going to subscribe to your blog now hehe thanks for sharing these great fashion deals!

    1. Thanks for subscribing, Kit! I’m definitely a bargain hunter and love finding a good deal!

  11. I love wearing dresses on vacation! They’re so much more comfy than pants – especially jeans. That bikini is super cute too!

  12. You’re so cute! I LOVE that white bikini and your tassel dress 🙂

  13. I love the tassle dress!! So cute!

  14. These outfits are wonderful! And you looks awesome in it! I love traveling on vacation and I love looking fashionable – even better when it is not too expensive!

  15. This is a killer post!! All of these outfits are SO cute and would be perf for a vacation! Now I want to go to the beach… Lol

  16. It looks like you had a blast! love the black dress on you! thanks for the ideas too 🙂

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