Channeling Your Inner Beyonce


I am going to admit right off the bat that I have close to zero celebrity knowledge. When someone tells me a new piece of celebrity gossip, my most common reply is, “who’s that?” Just the other day, I saw the cover of an old People magazine picturing Kelly Rippa and Ryan Seacrest with a caption that read, “she finally found the one.

 I said to my friend, “oh, are they dating now?”

My friend looked like she wanted to slap me and accused me of living under a rock. For those of you who may be celebrity-challenged like me, Kelly Rippa had apparently been looking for a new co-host for a year, and recently announced that Ryan Seacrest will join her on “Live.” 

Ya’ll. The last time I heard about Kelly Rippa her co-host was the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire guy.

(Wait, I literally just googled the latest Who Wants to be a Millionaire host and JUST discovered that it’s Chris Harrison. What?!  You’re lucky I just started watching the Bachelor two years ago, otherwise I wouldn’t know who he is either.)

Anyway, the point is that celebrity names and news aren’t my forte. And this includes the Queen Bey herself. I’m not going to pretend to be a dedicated follower nor a Beyonce expert. Don’t kill me when I admit this, but I did not buy the Lemonade album. I do, however, follow this fine specimen of a woman enough to know that I love her spirit, her candor, and her aura. So today, in honor of praising the boss lady (and in honor of making my first Ivy Park purchase), I am dedicating a post to channeling your inner Beyonce. Because we all have some variation of Sasha Fierce within us.

Be Fierce

Speaking of Sasha Fierce…whether you need an alter ego to show it or not, regardless  being FIERCE proves you have the power to fight for your goals and conquer your fears along the way. You think Beyonce won 20 grammys through nonchalance and passiveness? I don’t think so. Even if fierceness isn’t innately found within you, setting challenging goals, fighting for what you believe in and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is a good start.  Show ‘em who’s boss.

Be Ambitious

Singer, dancer, actress, designer, business woman Beyonce didn’t achieve all these titles by staying comfortable and sticking to what she knows. I’m naturally someone who avoids being pushed outside of my personal comfort zone. Over time however, I’ve started to realize that being too comfortable becomes boring and leaves me uninspired, lazy, and not my best self. You can ALWAYS set your goals higher, push yourself harder, and set new goals. Stay ambitious and never get too comfortable and complacent. Growth comes through finding new ways to challenge yourself.

Be Confident

For the longest time, lacking confidence was one of the biggest factors holding me back from starting my blog. I was whimpering in the corner of my own universe of unjustified fears, scared of judgement and failure. But then my inner Beyonce kicked in and pulled me back into reality. If Beyonce can strut a red carpet in this, I can start my own blog, dang it. It might take a self pep talk, , but reminding yourself that you are an amazing, confident human being will help you find the motivation to conquer your fears and challenges.

Be a Diva

Na, na, na diva is a female version of a hustler…whether you’re a single lady or in a powerhouse relationship, you deserve to put yourself first. Your self love is worth so much more than pleasing others. Women, especially, are often expected to act as docile caretakers who embody selflessness and everything passive. And hey, if that describes you, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s also nothing wrong with a woman who acts on her own behalf without doing so at the expense of others. We are allowed to prioritize our own goals and advancements without being labeled as selfish or narcissistic. 

Are you inspired yet? I challenge you to find one way to channel your inner Beyonce today. I know you have it in you.

And while you’re strutting the streets with confidence, knocking down goals, and breaking down barriers, just remember….who run the world? Girls.


Text pic

sweatshirt: Ivy Park
moto jean leggings: Belulah (similarsimilar, similar
sneakers: New Balance for J.Crew
cap: The North Face


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18 Replies to “Channeling Your Inner Beyonce”

  1. Tiffany Albrecht says: Reply

    Love it! And don’t worry, you always know who to go to if you need to feel better about your celebrity knowledge (e.g., still don’t know who this bachelor guy is…).

    1. Hehe I can always count on you to be more celebrity challenged than me. 🙂

  2. What a fun and casual look- and I love the sneakers too! I’m a bit celebrity challenged as well—I have kids and a toddler So all we watch is Paw Patrol—I can’t keep up with the Kardashians or anyone else for that matter, lol!

    1. Paw Patrol is the new Keeping up With the Kardashians. HAHA. Sometimes you’ve just gotta prioritize and celebrity gossip just doesn’t make the cut!

  3. You are so cute girl! Don’t feel bad with not knowing the recent news on celebrities. I don’t always know everything about them since I don’t pay too much attention lol Keep doing what you are doing and keep shinning❤️ Xo

  4. I love this casual look! You look so comfy but still chic. Those sneakers are amazing. I think I want a pair. Have a great week!

  5. Nicole Villarreal says: Reply

    I love this post!! I started watching the bachelor like 3 years ago, it’s my guilty pleasure 🙈 The part about being a diva is so good and true! Every girl has a diva in her!!

    xoxo, Nicole

  6. Great post love! I’m a mega Queen Bey fan so I’m all about it. You made really great points that I can appreciate. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Yesssss Jenn! *finger snaps* You better SLAY! I loved this outfit (those pants are to die for) and I loved the advice even more! Keep it up!

    xoxo, Shenga

    1. Hehehe thanks girl! While we’re talkin’ about SLAYIN, just checked out your blog and I LOVE everything about it! So happy to have connected!

  8. I like your athleisure outfit, the leggings are really nice, haven’t seen them anywhere.

    1. Thank you! I’ve seen them at a lot of boutiques, and you can shop the leggings through my link under outfit details at the bottom of the post! They’re super comfy.

  9. I love this outfit so much! You have styled it so well! i’ve always wanted to try the Ivy Park range, but haven’t found anything that goes with my personal style. This jumper however is amazing!

    Deepti xx |

    1. I hadn’t seen many pieces I LOVED at a price I was willing to pay until I saw this sweatshirt on sale at Nordstrom Rack! Did you mean to send me an Ivy Park jumper instead of the Etsy necklace? 😛

  10. i love this post! I am a die hard beyonce fan but i will forgive you for not buying lemonade haha. i still have the film on my dvd! lol anyway i LOVE your sweatshirt and love the sentiments you shared.

    1. Hahah thank you for the forgiveness. I will admit, I’m a little ashamed myself. Thanks for reading!

  11. I love this outfit!!! I have an ivy park tank top that I literally live in. It is so flowey and comfy! And I love your tips b/c I also love Beyonce. Somehow, she’s become the queen of America haha. I also love that you don’t have any celeb knowledge because honestly it’s so refreshing!! I hate how I keep up with it lol xx

  12. I love love love this casual athletic wear! It is so stylish and looking comfy too! Beyonce is seriously my favorite!
    xo Debbie |

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