10 Fun Facts About Me

If you’ve read my Meet Jenn page, you already know a couple things about me. You know I live in Milwaukee, can’t wear stilettos, love traveling the world, and never pass up french fries. But if you’re going to continue following Honeydew, I’d love to share more about the girl behind the blog posts!

Today, I’m sharing ten facts about me to give you a better glimpse of who I am. I know you can only learn so much about a person through the internet, but I’m hoping these fun, random facts will reveal parts of me that you may have never discovered through my other blog posts! So without further ado…

1)   Fannie May chocolates almost ruined my life

When my parents immigrated to America, they developed a liking for Fannie May chocolate. They loved it so much that they wanted to name their second child after the brand. “Our daughter will be sweet like Fannie May!” they said. As a result, I was born as Fanny Wang. Here’s a name card from the hospital to prove it. ↓

I remained Fanny Wang for a couple of days until my Dad’s coworker enlightened him with the fact that fanny is also slang for buttocks. My parents freaked and changed my name to Jennifer before it was too late. No lie, my official birth certificate has “Fanny” crossed out with a line and “Jennifer” typed above it.

I’ve already been teased enough for having a last name that’s slang for penis. Can you imagine if my full name could be translated into Butt Penis?! Even worse, after living in London for a summer, I learned that fanny is slang for vagina in British English.  I would have been “Butt Penis” in America and “Vagina Penis” in Britain. I’m so grateful for my Dad’s coworker.

2) I am a Chinese dancer

True story: someone once asked me if Chinese dance is “where you have those little cymbals on your fingers that go ching-ching, ching-ching.” Errr…let me explain. Similar to Western dance styles, Chinese dance encompasses many different dance forms including ballet, modern, and ethnic folk dances. There are 56 officially recognized ethnic groups in China and each one has its own type of folk dance. These days, many Chinese dances incorporate a mix of both traditional folk and modern dance. I started dancing at CAAM Chinese Dance Theater in the Twin Cities when I was four until I moved out of state when I was 22. Now I teach Chinese dance and perform occasionally in Milwaukee for fun!

3) I have very low maintenance hair

I never blow dry my hair and rarely ever straighten or curl it (except for blog pictures). I’m lucky enough to like the way my hair looks naturally, but mostly I’m just lazy. Also, I have never colored my hair and have actually been cutting my own hair for the past six years! After spending too much money on super simple hair cuts, I decided my hairstyle was easy enough to cut on my own. Boo-yah, it’s been appointment-free, cost-free haircuts ever since! (I will admit though, I’m thinking of coloring my hair for the first time with some subtle balayage! What do you think?! I’m nervous!)

4)   I love sprinting, but hate running

It started when I would race all the boys in elementary gym class and win every time (only until they hit puberty). My love of sprinting brought me to winning track meets in high school and eventually joining the D1 University of Minnesota track team as a walk-on. However, I soon realized that I had bigger priorities that were impossible to keep up while participating in a D1 sport. I ended up leaving the team before I ever competed. While I love sprinting, anything over 200 meters is long distance to me. I do not have any desire to ever complete a marathon, half marathon, or run any longer than 5 miles ever again for that matter. I joined cross country in high school “for fun” and found myself taking all the shortcuts and cheating on the long runs at practice. Long runs are not for me.

5) I live for efficiency

My brain is wired to find the quickest, most efficient way to complete tasks. I always walk the hypotenuse to minimize the distance walked, map out my errands on google maps to ensure I’m taking the best route, and prioritize my daily tasks with a checklist. Inefficiency, on the other hand, is my biggest pet peeve. Kevin can vouch for all the times I’ve yelled at him for failing to drive into the lane with the shortest car line at a red light. Hehe. Sorry Kevin. I’m trying to nag less.

6) I have completely illogical reactions to scary movies

I have love-hate relationships with horror movies. I love the thrill of watching a movie and being scared. But it’s after the movie-watching experience that haunts me the most. For days, weeks, sometimes even months after watching a horror movie, I can’t be in the dark alone. The most illogical part is that it’s only the supernatural that freaks me out. The thought of a serial killer or an axe man coming into my home doesn’t faze me. (Psh, that would never happen). But as soon I think Samara or The Grudge girl is in my closet, I’m outta here. Speaking of Samara, watching The Ring in seventh grade scarred me for life. To this day, as a full grown 24 year old, I have to sleep with the lights on if I even think about that movie. Great. Now I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.

7) I majorly nerd out for HP and LOTR

Don’t know what HP or LOTR stand for? Don’t talk to me. Just kidding (kind of). Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are my ultimate jam. I own all the books and movies including the LOTR extended versions.  I also quote both on a weekly basis. Like whenever I see any form of a potato, I say, “PO-TA-TO. Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew.” And I love practicing my British accent by reciting, “I’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed – or worse, expelled.”

8) I am extremely close to my family

My older sister, my mom, my dad, and I are extremely tight knit. The three of them live back in Minnesota and I definitely feel major FOMO when they hang out without me. Every time I talk to my parents, they ask me when I’m going to move back to Minneapolis. The truth is, I’d love to move outside of the midwest, but it would pain me to be far from my family. Nothing comforts me more than going home and spending time with them. They spoil me rotten.

9)  I am a wicked fast typer

Maybe it’s the quick finger muscles I developed from playing piano. Maybe it’s my love for speed and efficiency. Whatever the reason, I can type hella fast. According to thetypingcat.com, my typing speed is 104 WPM (words per minute) and I rank better than 99% of their users. Try taking the one minute typing test yourself to find out your typing speed!

10) I wish that bodily functions were more socially acceptable.

You already know I’m not afraid to say penis and vagina in my blog posts. Surprise, surprise, I’m also not squeamish about bodily functions – farting, burping, pooping, you name it. Guys, these are all natural functions of the human body! Why can’t they be as normal as letting out a cough?

It’s totally normal for Kevin and me to hang out in the bathroom while he’s taking a dump, just having a conversation about our day. We’re that couple.While I’m not farting and burping my way through my day in public, I probably would if it were socially acceptable. It would also make my life a little easier because for some reason, I seem to have a burping problem. I burp so often that Kevin started getting annoyed when I was letting out all my belches at home. Now I have to hold in my burps in public AND at home. Hmph.

And that’s me in a blog post. Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear from you guys. Share a fun fact about yourself in the comments below!

Text pic

dress: Forever21
sandals: Forever21
earrings: Sugarfix by Baublebar – sold out (similar)
bag: Steve Madden – sold out (similar, similar)
lips: Loracin lilac

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28 Replies to “10 Fun Facts About Me”

  1. Oh my gosh—can I just say fave blog post!!! I loved learning all these fun facts about you! I can’t watch scary movies period! And the fact that your name was changed is hilarious—good thing too, lol!! Oh and I love your dress btw!!!

    1. I know, I’m such a scary movie baby. I pretty much stopped watching them because I could never get a good night’s sleep after watching one! Thanks for reading, Nicole!

  2. OMG the Fannie May name change is hilarious. Life is so silly sometimes, isn’t it? “Butt Penis.” Haha Thanks for sharing! :]

    // itsCarmen.com

    1. Right?! Thank goodness things turned out differently! 😛

  3. What a fun blog post to read, you seem like a fun girl who is very open and comfortable about herself! I love your dress, it looks so gorgeous on you❤️

    1. Thanks, Helena! I love letting my personality show through my writing. And thank you, the dress is so comfy too!

  4. JENN! We need to meet in person! I just adore you to pieces! You are not only so gorgeous, but also smart and talented!!! Triple threat my girl!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

    1. You are TOO sweet! If you’re ever in Milwaukee, let me know! 🙂 Or I’ll have to come out to California!

  5. You are so cute, loved getting to know you more babe!
    xx- Nina


  6. Ok..you are the absolute cutest thing ever! I wish you didn’t live all the way out in Milwaukee. Way too far from me haha!
    1. Jealous of your naturally gorgeous hair.
    2. Your Kevin sounds a lot like my Kevin.
    3. I want to see you dance!

    1. Maybe we can meet in the middle?! 😀 And then the Kevins can meet too haha! Thanks for reading <3

  7. This is awesome babe! Great way for your readers really get to know you. And you look so pretty.


  8. Jennifer SavvyGreyStyles says: Reply

    Love this post it is so fun and nice to get to know you a little more. Love number 1. Fanny May lol. Love your dress too so perfect for spring

  9. Stuart Brazell says: Reply

    I really enjoyed this! I’m a dancer too!

  10. You are hilarious! And super real lol. I love that you’re a dancer, I used to be as well. LOL at your name story, I say yes to balyage and I wish you could teach me to be more efficient in my life lol

  11. The Fanny Mae story is pretty funny! I too learned that Fanny means vagina too in the UK. I was horrified to hear that. Haha. I am all for air drying hair too. It just comes out better that way.

    1. I learned the slang term, Fanny in the UK when I lived in London for three months one summer. I immediately thought about how awful it would have been if my parents never changed my name…phew…dodged that one! And yes, the less heat you apply to your hair, the more healthy it will be! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I love this! Love that you are yourself around your guy and your name story made me crack up. Thank God they changed that right away…LOL!

  13. Hahaha! Oh my goodness, this post was so cute! You’re hilarious. I love the story of your name being changed, that’s such a great fun fact! ALSO, I am TOTALLY a huge chicken when it comes to scary movies. One time I went to see a COMEDY and one of the trailers before the movie began was for a scary movie. I shrieked so loudly during that trailer that the entire theater laughed at me. Seriously so embarrassing. Thanks for sharing these things about yourself!

    xx, Taylor (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

  14. what a fun post! i hate running too – but i an sprint in between exercises all day!

  15. OMG who doesn’t love Harry Potter?! I mean I just don’t understand them. Such interesting facts you’ve given about yourself. I appreciate how open you are. I’m a Midwest girl too (with a Chinese mom!) – originally from Ohio but born in MN 🙂

  16. OMG Fanny is so funny, can’t believe they didn’t know the meaning! Also I absolutely love your dress, it’s perfect for summer!

  17. What a fun post-great to learn more about you. I love scary movies! The scarier, the better!

  18. Very fun post! I love the story about your name, and I gotta admit: I love the name Fanny! 🙂

  19. Beautiful dress! I love reading about me posts. And my name card from the hospital looks just like that lol.

  20. I loved getting to know you more! I’ve never seen HP or LOTR but I totally nerd out for Star Wars!

  21. Omg haha I love this post!! I am sure you are thankful that your Parents changed your name! I know I would be 😂 I also LOVE Harry Potter… I’m re reading the books now and still just as obsessed!

    1. Yaaaasss! I’ve re-read the books so many times in my life, but I haven’t recently! I think I need to get on that. 🙂

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