Five Ways to Wear a Button Up

You know that one item of clothing you own that you only wear one way with the same head-to-toe accessories and outfit every time? Today I’m inspiring you to find creative ways to re-wear your clothes and make multiple outfits from one key piece!

The spotlight piece for today’s post is a lovely ombre button up from Abercrombie and Fitch. (Yes, that throwback teen store actually has super cute clothes that no longer sport the moose logo or the enormous A&F lettering.) I like how light and flowy this top feels on my body and I love how the blue ombre resembles a watercolor canvas. The ruffle detailing on the sleeves and neckline is also a refreshing change from the standard cuffs and collar. PLUS it’s on clearance right now for $23.20! Yass.

Button up shirts are super versatile because of the plethora of ways you can wear and style them. You can button, unbutton, tuck, untuck, and tie them to create different vibes depending on the day and your mood. Check out the multitude of ways I’ve styled this one shirt below!

Casual Tucked

This look is for the days you roll out of bed and just don’t want to think about what you have to wear. It’s simple and casual – just jeans and a shirt with some fun, comfy keds.

The key to this one is selecting the right shirt tuck to fit your style and mood. Here are a couple of different tuck methods that I like to play around with!

Half Tucked

Front Tucked

Full Tucked


Text picshirt :Abercrombie and Fitch
jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch
shoes: keds – last season (similar)
necklace: Kendra Scott

Summery Crop-Tie

I love completely changing up a shirt by un-buttoning the bottom and tying it into a cropped shirt. Pair it with a chino shorts, a panama hat, and strappy block heels, and you’ve got yourself a completely different summer look.

Full disclosure – this hat was purchased from the kids section at Gap. Yep. It was definitely not the first time I’ve purchased from the kids section at a store and it certainly won’t be the last. The one I’m wearing is in a size L/XL and I feel like I have an average adult sized head…if anything it might be slightly bigger than average. My point is, if my head can fit in a kid’s hat, yours can too. Text picshirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
shorts: J.Crew Factory
shoes: American Eagle (same)
hat: Gap
necklace: Kendra Scott

Casual Graphic Tee

I always want an excuse to wear my Hogwarts Alumni shirt. If you don’t know that I’m a Harry Potter geek by now, you might want to read 10 Fun Facts About Me. 

Pairing a button up with a graphic tee is a great way to add layers to an outfit. This pairing is especially great for summer outings that go on throughout the night, where you may want an extra thin layer to keep you warmer when the sun goes down.

By the way, I’m absolutely in love with these scalloped denim shorts from H&M. They are high waisted and super flattering on the booty. (Sorry I didn’t snap you a pick of the rear.) Don’t forget these run in European sizes! I’m wearing a size 4 here and it’s still a tad small.

I also need to give a shoutout to these Adidas sneakers. I like the perforated stripes that are less in-your-face-Adidas-logo, unlike the black striped ones that are so popular at the moment. Also, these shoes use the Adidas cloudfoam in the soles, which makes you literally feel like you’re walking on clouds when you’re wearing them. They also come in pink and black!

Text picshirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
graphic tee: Target – last season (similar, similar)
shorts: H&M
shoes: Adidas
sunnies: Francesca’s

How do you wear your versatile pieces? Do you have a favorite way of styling button ups? Tell me in the comments below!

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17 Replies to “Five Ways to Wear a Button Up”

  1. Love the summer crop top look! So cute! I love that you made this top into something so versatile!

  2. Love each look! So versatile!

  3. You are too cute Jenn! My fav is the blogger half tuck, its like, “hey look at me, Im cool and Im not even trying. ” 🙂

    1. Haha sooo true. Love the whole trying-hard-to-not-try-hard look! 😛

  4. Love love the cropped look with the hat! Super cute summer look! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love the summery crop tie; it’s so so cute! You really gave us a great range of these ways to wear a button up. :]


    1. I love tying up all my button ups into a crop in the summer! Thanks for reading!

  6. My fave way is the full tuck!!


  7. What a great post—I love a casual button up, I own quite a few and my fave style is the half tuck! My hubby thinks it looks ridiculous, but what does he know, lol!!!!

  8. I love the ombré shirt and those gladiators are awesome! You are super cute❤️ Xo

  9. I love love love all of your ideas! It would be very hard to just choose my favorite! The top is fantastic and it would look nice over a maxi dress and tied in front too! You are so stylish girl and those dimples of yours!
    xo Debbie |

  10. This is such great advice to mix up the wardrobe I already have!

  11. what a great post! i especially like the half tuck! i’ve never tried that but it looks so cute and cool, definitely trying that!

  12. Pretty awesome post babe! Love that you provided deets and ways on how to wear a button up. I too love wearing my shirts multiple ways and basically as many ways as I can to change up the look. You did and look great.


  13. Ok ok. Stop. I’ve got to go to Abercrombie now. That’s totally cute! I guess I have to change my vision of AF to something a little more sophisticated now haha! Love you how you styled the button up top so many ways!

    xxx Kristina

  14. I love all the ways you styled this button up. So fun to see how versatile this piece can be!

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