How to Stay a Kid At Heart

Sometimes I think I’m a child stuck in an adult’s body. Then again, some would argue even my body resembles that of a teen. (Shout out to the lady who exclaimed there was no way I could be older than 16 the other day).

Sure, I can recite every Disney song and some of my clothes are from the kids’ section (including today’s sandals!) But my inner child reaches far beyond my love for Disney movies and kid’s fashion. In fact, my entire life mantra revolves around coveting laughter, having fun, and not taking life too seriously. Of course, there’s a good chunk of responsibility, maturity, and hard work mixed in there, but adult matters are not the focus of today’s blog post.

Even though the responsibilities that come with adulthood can’t be ignored, channeling our inner child – that part of us that remains innocent, care-free, and untainted by society’s pressures – reminds us that life is precious. Today I’m sharing with you five ways to stay a kid at heart by taking you back to your childhood – the glory days of not giving a shit. Because growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing up.

1. Be Yourself 

Remember when you wore your favorite rainbow leggings to school everyday, without a care in the world about what others thought of you? I can’t have been the only one whose parents let her out of the house with horrible self-dressed outfits. Fashion sense aside, we were unapologetically faithful to ourselves when we were children, refusing to do anything other than what made us happy. Be true to yourself and do what you love, even if others might not quite “get it.”

2. Dream Big 

Remember when everyone’s career goals included astronauts and prima ballerinas? Any dream in the world seems attainable when we’re young. But then reality hits us when we realize it takes more than just desire to reach our biggest goals. We suddenly stop dreaming, settling for more comfortable lifestyles instead. No! Keep dreaming big! Pursue your passions! Sure, your dreams may have changed, but find that prima ballerina passion again and work towards something that scares you.

3. Be Fearless

Remember when you touched that hot stove without hesitation, never anticipating the terrible consequences of a burned hand? With adulthood comes the fear of failure when in fact, making mistakes is a powerful learning tool at any age. We grow and learn the most when we’re forced out of our comfort zone and face our fears.

4. Love Unconditionally 

Remember when the worst you treated your friends was temporarily un-inviting them to your birthday party (usually months and months away), only to hug it out and re-invite them minutes later?  Grudges are unhealthy and unproductive. Take the time and effort to mend important relationships. Kids remind us to grant forgiveness to those we care about the most. 

5. Play Hard

Remember when the biggest concern on your mind was how much time in the day you’d get to play? Now, we’re slaves to our work and responsibilities. However, taking breaks is crucial to maintaining a healthy and successful lifestyle. (Just read my last blog post!) I’m all about that “work hard, play hard” mentality. Make sure there’s adequate “play” incorporated into your life to avoid burnout!

We can all find ways to be mature and responsible without losing our sense of fun and fearlessness.  So go out there and show the world you’re still a kid at heart!

Text pic

dress: Shein (similar)
sandals: MIA (similar, similar, similar)
earrings: Francesca’s – sold out (similar, similar)
sunnies: Francesca’s

Sizing tip for the sandals: an adult size 6 is equivalent to a kids size 4. If you wear adult size 5-7, you can fit in these sandals! If you’re in between sizes, I recommend sizing down.

Sizing tip for the dress: I love the loose fit, but the dress runs a little big. Mine is an XS! 

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19 Replies to “How to Stay a Kid At Heart”

  1. Brittany Astrup says: Reply

    I love everything about this! All of this makes life so much better—nailed it!

    1. Haha thanks, Brittany! Sometimes it helps to not take life too seriously. 🙂 Love ya, girl!

  2. You are so adorable girl! I love the pink outfit and the positive energy you give out! I agree with everything on the blog that you are never too old for anything and always young at heart❤️ Xo

  3. This is such a good reminder! Sometimes we let life get us off, but it’s always great to live like a carefree kid sometimes! Super adorable pics, btw! <3

  4. Great post !! Positive information, fantastic pictures with a big smile. Good on you 🙂

    1. Positivity is my life mantra for sure. Thanks for stopping by, Bryce!

  5. This is such a lovely, inspiring post! I particularly like number 2 and agree that so often as adults we forget to dream! I found you through FB Grow Your Blog and am following you now 😉

  6. You look so adorable, love the outfit. Really great post, it shows how much we take many things for granted or too seriously while kids live their days as they want. Happy and always dreaming big plus so true about loving unconditionally. Nerd to implement more of this since it seems I forgot how to be a kid.

    1. Absolutely, Joan! Sometimes the best teachers are kids. 🙂

  7. Jennifer savvygreystyles says: Reply

    Staying a kid at heart is so important. I try to do this with my little ones!

  8. Great advice, I am a big believer in staying young at heart!

    Ingrid |

  9. What a great blog post —we all get so caught up in our work that these tops are a great reminder! Love your pink dress and tassel sandals too!!

  10. LOVE IT! Beautiful, fun, childlike! <3

  11. I just love everything about you! I needed this because I can be so uptight, serious, and a party pooper! It is the TYPE A, multi-tasking, perfectionist person in me! I love to see my kids acting silly — they sure help lighten the mood. Thank you so much for this reminder! Life is indeed so beautiful and seeing life through a child’s eye is the key to enduring bliss!
    xo Debbie |

    1. Awww, thanks Debbie. I’m sure your children remind you every day at home. 😉

  12. Love, love, love your outfit details – and love, love, love this post!


  13. Such an awesome reminder 🙂 I love living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it without any regrets! I’m in love with the wall behind you, where was it??

    1. Hey Amu! Thanks for reading! 🙂 That wall is right by the new Cermak grocery store in Walker’s Point. I go there to grocery shop now and fell in love with that wall too!

  14. I want all about those Positive Vibes only

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