Shortie in a Jumpsuit

Remember that post about the OTK boots I thought I could never pull off? (It was one of my first blog posts and first ever photo shoot with Kevin!) My short legs have often held me back from trying many trends that I thought only long-legged beauties could pull off.  Over time, I’ve gotten over my fun-sized fears and tried out the maxi skirts and dresses, the OTK boots… and most recently, I bought my first jumpsuit!

Somebody, drop the confetti. Jenn took a chance on her stumpy legs again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come to love my strong, vertically-challenged legs. They are part of my body after all! But I’ve always held the preconceived notion that fashion styles which accentuate my legs and height (or lack thereof) wouldn’t be flattering on my body type. I was even reluctant to give in to skinny jeans when they first became popular in high school!

Determined to break my own mental barriers, I went out on a limb (Pun intended. Okay, lousy pun.) and ordered this jumpsuit from Kohl’s. Lo and behold, I don’t look like Snow White’s little friend drowning in a river of fabric, after all. In fact, I’m officially in love with the jumpsuit trend! I like that this particular jumpsuit is breezy, flattering and can be dressed up in heels or dressed down in sandals. I’ve already worn it EVERYWHERE – on a flight, to a dinner date, and to work. Shit’s versatile.

I may be a late adopter, but I’m finally jumping (hehe) into this latest trend with open arms. I just hope all jumpsuits are as comfy as this one!

Now, I need to take the time to point out one great quality of this particular jumpsuit because it’s a benefit that you may not appreciate until you’re actually wearing the jumpsuit out and about. I’m talking about the snap button on the front for easy removal. You know when you’re in the bathroom and you’ve got that romper/jumpsuit that zips in the back? Unless you’re flexible enough to reach the entire length of the zipper on your back, you better hope there’s a nice lady in the bathroom to help. Or even worse, I own a button-up romper with buttons running down the full length of the torso. By the time I get to the bathroom, I’m usually doing a little jig in the stall, trying so hard not to pee myself as I take an eternity to button down the romper. Moral of the story: the snap buttons on this jumpsuit are gold for small bladder fashionistas like me.

If you love this outfit too, the  jumpsuit I’m wearing is on clearance for $19.20 at Kohl’s. Plus use code TAKE10 to get an additional $10 off your order! (TAKE10 is valid from 8/31-9/4.) Yes, you can literally get this jumpsuit for $9.20 right now. The black version is only available in XS now, but the white version is still available in all sizes! For reference, mine is XS and I’m 5’2″.

Also, this gorgeous tassel choker is on clearance for $7.60. Can you tell I love a good deal? Trust me, the necklace does not look or feel like a seven dollar necklace. Get it before it’s gone!

Last plug: I can’t leave without raving about these Dolce Vita slides. They’re so comfy and have the perfect little wedge heel for added height. Ya’ll know I’ll take what I can get in the height department. If you’re looking for budget options, I’ve linked to some similar styles for half the price under my outfit details below.

Have you recently tried a new trend you never thought you could pull off? What do you think about jumpsuits? Tell me in the comments below!

Text picjumpsuit: Kohl’s*
shoes:Dolce Vita (similar, similar, similar)
necklace: Abercrombie
lips: Clinique

*Caution: I read in one of the online reviews that the jumpsuit shrinks in the wash because it’s made out of rayon. I have yet to wash mine yet (don’t judge me – it’s not that dirty), but my experience with rayon is that if you wash in cold water and reshape it while it’s still wet, it prevents the fabric from shrinking too much!

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13 Replies to “Shortie in a Jumpsuit”

  1. Looks elegant and fresh

    1. Thank you, my anonymous friend! 😛

  2. As a fellow short legged lady I totally understand the struggle! I’ve learned to just go with it – love that jumpsuit it’s perfect on you!

    1. Yes, Sarah! You know my pain haha. Thanks for stopping by. <3

  3. You look awesone! I am a huge jumpsuit fan and lovr when other women realize its true potential. I do like that nifty feature of the zipper in a more practicable location. Great look.


  4. That jumpsuit is adorable! love the stripes.

  5. I love the jumpsuit! I love the way it crosses over in front, and that pattern is really cute!

  6. Loving this jumpsuit girl!

  7. This jumpsuit is so flattering on you! It makes you look so long!


  8. I love this jumpsuit and the slides! I’m a slides fanatic so it doesn’t matter what outfit I have one I have to have them on my feet. I have super skinny legs so I also stay away from certain styles out of fear I won’t look right.

  9. such a cute jumpsuit and it looks so comfy too!

  10. That is such a cute suit and a great price. For me any sort of jump suit or romper I have to try it on because they all fit me differently.

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