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Hi friends! It’s been a minute. I promise I haven’t given up on Honeydew. This blog still brings me so much joy, but it’s been put on the back burner recently in light of some life updates and admittedly, plain old laziness. Oh, and I guess binge watching Breaking Bad and Stranger things is partly to blame too.

I’ve compiled a list of recent life updates/happenings in today’s blog post in attempt to a) give rationale for why my blog and social media posts have been sparse as of late and b) share just for fun! So enjoy these ambiguous headings that force you to actually read to find out what’s new in my life. Insert evil grin.

Hello, Emerald City

Sadly, I did not in fact follow the Yellow Brick Road to meet the Wizard of Oz. Rather, I visited Seattle (whose nickname is the Emerald City)  two weeks ago! If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already seen a preview of my visit from my insta stories plus this post at Lake Colchuck! 

I’m definitely trying to fit more domestic vacations in with international travel. As much as I love traveling internationally, there are still many American destinations I haven’t yet visited. Happy to finally check Seattle off the list! (Blog post to follow!)

Wise No More

Life regret: not getting my wisdom teeth out when my parents were still paying for my dental/health insurance and bills. I had my three wisdom teeth removed last week. End of story. Mostly, I just wanted to show you this fantastic picture of me a day after the procedure.

Fun tidbit: when laughing with a friend about my left dimple disappearing from my swollen cheek, I texted him: “my big ass cheek sucked it right up,” totally not realizing it could be read differently. Woops! You’re welcome for that visual.


Perfectly Halloween-esque, this title is not only a nod to the holiday, but it also reveals my costume! It’s not really a life update, but every year I delight in dreaming up (aka stealing other people’s ideas on Pinterest) for frugal homemade couples costumes and I just wanted to share! There’s nothing like  excitedly dressing my indifferent boyfriend in a costume to match me. This year, I was Boo and Kevin was Sully from Monster’s Inc. 

Who wants to buy slutty $50 costumes that you’ll only wear once? (Oh wait, me in high school). Piecing together your own costumes is way more creative AND cost-efficient. While we’re sharing, click here and here for some of my favorite costumes from year’s past. Construction paper is my bff, ya’ll. 

New Job, Who Dis?

Job searching has undoubtedly been the biggest time sucker as of late and the #1 reason why blogging has been put on the back burner.

After three years in my Digital Marketing role at Kohl’s, I’ve finally decided to leave the corporate world and take the leap in joining a startup! On Monday, I start my first day at Bright Cellars, a wine subscription company. I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in my life. I haven’t talked about my career or my job at Kohl’s much on Honeydew, but I’m definitely planning to write a blog post about making important career moves. Stay tuned!

Text pic

cardigan: Abercrombie (similar)
velvet tank: Kohl’s – on clearance!
booties: TOMS (similar)
choker: Forever21

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4 Replies to “Life Updates”

  1. I love this girl soooo much! I will miss your bright side you bring to the office!!! So happy for you and I’m excited to watch this journey!

    1. Thanks, beautiful! Missing you already!

  2. Congrats on the new job! Can’t wait to follow along in your journey – I really would love to read a post from your perspective about making career moves.


    1. Thanks Cassey! Keep an eye out for a career-oriented post in the future. 🙂

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