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Well folks, it’s time for another round of what I like to call: Let’s Laugh at Jenn’s Lack of Grace, Poise, and Anything Attractive…aka blog bloopers. I’ve published my blog bloopers from the start of Honeydew to show you the reality behind my supposed photogenic-ness and to reiterate that neither Kevin and I are experts in photography. And also because I find a lot of joy in spewing self-deprecating remarks (only in the most light-hearted, confident way of course)!

Here are the best of the best unedited blog bloopers from the last couple of months. If you missed the original blog post, just click the title!

Shortie in a Jumpsuit

Nothing like a ginormous camel toe to compliment a blog post about a great jumpsuit

Woops, I took out the bossy finger

Mid-blink award of the year goes to Jenn


“Ohhh this will be so cute!” I said. Mm hmm.

Direct quote from Kevin: “Don’t look up at the camera like that. You look extremely creepy.”


In theory, this was going to be a cool shot.

Guess not.

Making a New City Feel Like Home

Return of the bossy finger? Or testing the direction of the wind? Perhaps hailing a cab? You’ll never know.

Another Kevin quote: “Should you fix your hair? Does it normally do that? It doesn’t normally do that.”

The best angles deserve the best facial expressions

Ahh the serenity of closing your eyes and pulling up your skirt

When jumping/skipping pics fail

The trick to getting beachy waves is as simple as staring angrily into the sun

All hair care brands will want to work with me after seeing this one

…and this one

One of these days, I’ll get a good hair flip pic…ones of these days.

Dwelling on Mistakes

Completely accidental…but kind of cool…but not my style…even though Kev was real excited about this one. Sorry, Kevin!

Just as accidental, but less cool.

Sketchy dark alley? Check. Photo in  focus? Check. Oh wait.

I hear if you chant “Jenn Wang” thirteen times at a mirror in the dark you will summon this faceless horror

My submission for blog pose of the year. (It at least a participation award for creativity?)

Nothing like a good ol’ gust of wind to make your stomach look like a satin throw pillow…

…or give you a friggin’ mustache.

Most photographers would stop taking photos when their subject begins to subtly pick her nose…but not Kevin.

Life Updates


I was going for: testing how large I can flare my nostrils while pretending to need dentures

Sneer/snicker/smile combo for the win. And extra points for alliteration.

Still semi-cute

Definitely no cuteness involved.

Such a shame to waste great lighting on a nose scratch

I hope my blog bloopers could add some smiles to your holiday cheer! Have a wonderful wonderful week!

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