New Year’s Resolutions Schmesolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Is it really 2018 already? Geez Louise time flies.

You’ve likely been inundated with messages demanding that we make a list of lofty goals for a “new and better you.” Cue the cliche New Year’s resolutions that will be stored in the mental files of things to feel guilty about by January 15th.

Nah, I think I’ll pass.

While the intentions of setting New Year’s Resolutions are undoubtedly positive, I feel like they’ve evolved into obligatory mainstream practices that aren’t always very inspiring. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions – not because I don’t believe in self-betterment and goal setting. Rather, I have embraced a concept of continuous self improvement that flows throughout the whole year, not just January 1st.

My mantra encompasses splitting up long-term goals into multiple short-term goals, going with the flow, and constant self-reflection. Here are a couple of ways I like to keep myself on track! (Hint: they don’t involve dumping a load of forgettable New Year’s resolutions on the first day of the year.)

  • Inching towards milestones over time vs. trying to attack multiple big goals all at once
  • Setting goals weekly, monthly vs. setting overwhelming goals once a year
  • Celebrating little victories at a time  vs. waiting until next year to evaluate what I have/haven’t accomplished
  • Embracing “go with the flow” vs. starting 2018 with a ton of pressure and anxiety
  • Adapting expectations and priorities according to life changes vs. feeling stuck with the goals set at the beginning of the year
  • Leaving room for new opportunities that may pop up unexpectedly vs. holding yourself accountable to resolutions that may no longer be important to you

Why wait for one day to make major decisions when you have 364 equally valuable goal-setting days? (Besides, you were probably too hungover on January 1st to think straight.) A lot can change in a year, and that means our goals and expectations will likely change too. Setting big New Year’s resolutions for ourselves early on may be setting ourselves up for failure – even though we’re really just adapting and changing our priorities.

Perhaps setting New Year’s Resolutions works for you. If so, that’s fantastic! Keep doing what you’re doing. But today I wanted to share an alternative perspective just to keep you on your toes.

Cheers to coasting into 2018 unburdened, expecting the unexpected, and tossing New Year’s resolutions schmesolutions out the window!

Text pic

vest: Macys’s,
sweater: Kohl’s
leggings: Belulah, (same)
boots: Bearpaw(same)

Thank you to Alex and Kaitlyn from Lykke Visuals for taking these photos!

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  1. I hear ya–resolutions can create a lot of unnecessary pressure! Going with the flow is more of my approach!

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